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Edible Cake Pop Eyeballs

   Taking a box of cake mix and icing, I made cake pops and dipped them in white chocolate. Next, I used Icing Color and Food Dye as paint and used "food only" paint brushes. Through the process, I discovered that the paint and food dye don't stick well to white chocolate, but soak really well into the cake. In addition, I liked working with food dye more than the Icing Color because it was easier to mix and paint onto the white chocolate. Sometimes I purposely chipped away the white chocolate to paint in white gashes into the eyeball because the cake holds color better. 


The video at the end of the gallery explains my design process in making these sweet edible treats. 


NOTE: the only potential issue I foresee in using this technique is that the white chocolate will most likely melt under the harsh, sweltering stage lights

Edible Poop

I made edible poop molded into different sizes for cats, dogs, humans, etc. for a props assignment at Arizona State University. This is safe for someone who is lactose intolerant, but not for someone with a peanut allergy (I substituted "milk" for almond milk).


I found the recipe HERE!

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