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   Taking a large sheet of plastic, I measured out the 3 different sized walls of my 6" x 6" cube. I drilled 1" holes using a hole cutter on the drill press. During the process, the plastic circles of each hole got stuck in the drill bit. In order to solve this problem, I allan hex keyed and removed the drill, jimmied out the plastic, and reassembled the hole cutter and drill bit. Next, I pieced the plates together with an acryllic weld. 

   The main take away from this project was learning the process of acryllic welding and working with a new material: plastics! 

Plastic & Plaster Molding

    In the Spring of 2018, I created numerous molds and practiced curing plastic and plaster.

   The main take away from this project was learning the process of creating a mold and making a cast. I also learned the curing rate of certain plastic mixtures and plaster. Using Smooth-On plastic casting products, I discovered that certain mixtures of plastic may have a cure rate of 30 seconds from the time they are mixed, while others can last 3 minutes. 

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