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About Me


Neaco Fox (she/they) is a Taiwanese-American producer, creator, and educator based in New York City.

Fox is a community builder with the goal of creating sustainable models of equity, diversity, inclusion, and access within industries of interest. Their research has focused on the lack of diversity within the design and technical field of theatre. 


Fox's production experience ranges from sound designing and live mixing, scenic and installation art fabrication, technical direction and rigging, and live event management and producing. They have contributed to productions with Disney Theatrical Group (internationally, on Broadway, and nationally), The Moth, California Shakespeare Theater, Arizona Broadway Theatre, Southwest Shakespeare Company, Childsplay Theatre Company, Desert Botanical Garden in Arizona, and Oh My Ears New Music Festival (OME).


In 2020, they were chosen as a Diversity in Arts Leadership (DIAL) National Fellow with Americans for the Arts. Upon the completion of their fellowship, Fox created the growing art collective to provide a space for diverse artists and art practitioners to tackle issues based on their own ideas, knowledge, and lived experiences (learn more HERE).


Currently, Neaco is living in New York City as a Technical Production Coordinator for Disney Theatrical Group and freelance Producer. They co-manage the Gateway Program for USITT (learn more HERE).  

Mission Statement: 

I want to create everlasting change in the arts and culture sector by increasing diversity, creating equitable and courageous spaces, and participating in the educational growth of young individuals as a mentor within the community. As an artist, I thrive in a collaborative setting and aim to create pieces that inspire others or spur a conversation amongst viewers. 

Honors Thesis: A Study of the Lack of Diversity within the Design and Technical Field of Theatre 


January 2017 - April 2020 

I began my EDI journey researching the lack of diversity within the design and technical field of theatre. At first, I was planning on surveying the industry and interviewing professionals about their experience. However, my Honors Thesis took many turns as I developed parameters around the study. Eventually, I began reviewing the literature on diversity programs and factors to their success. Then, I interviewed companies to learn how they were able to find success within their program and studied the relationship between my case studies and the literature. 


Abstract: The objective of the study is to examine the factors of a successful diversity program within four companies that attempt to break down the barriers contributing to the lack of diversity within the design and technical field of theatre. Companies in different regions of the United States (West, Midwest, South, and Northeast) were selected and analyzed for their fellowship, apprenticeship, internship, and educational program in order to see why it is successful and how it contributes to diversifying the design and technical field of theatre. The findings of the study provide a guide to the best practices used in establishing a design and production program that can contribute to diversifying the theatre industry.

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