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I collaborated with Alexa Marron on a commissioned piece where we designed and constructed a metal brazier for Southwest Shakespeare Company's Macbeth.

During the process, Alexa and I met with the scenic designer/technical director and media designer to discuss the needs for this piece. We discovered that it needed to hang on a line set and hold lights inside the piece. 


We took 1"x2" metal tubing and kerfed the steel on the cold saw. After achieving the desired curve, a jig was built to keep the piece's shape while it was being tacked. After being tacked, each piece was fully welded and then welded onto a 16 gauge metal bucket. 

In order to achieve rigging capabilities, the bucket was modified on the base. The base contained a piece of 1"x2" steel that was bolted to through the base and D rings were attached to the top. Later, bell shackles, GAC, and other rigging hardware was attached to the rigging points to hang the metal brazier on a line set. 

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