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Dragon Eggs

Inspired by Daenerys Targaryen's dragons, I decided to recreate the dragon eggs seen in season one of Game of Thrones.

I found a step-by-step tutorial HERE, but I modified it!

In AutoCAD, I created a variety of dragon scales and ended up liking the 1.5" long scales. I programmed the laser cutter to cut through EVA craft foam and produced over 350 dragon scales for the three eggs that I purchased on Amazon (HERE). 


Using a cloth ruler, I measured 2" from the top of the egg and began hot gluing scales onto the egg with a pinkie finger gap between the next scale. Honestly, a lot of winging it occurred!  

After all the scales were hot glued, I mixed glue with water (use more glue!) to create a paper mache mixture and painted the liquid onto the eggs. The reason I wanted to paint glue onto the craft foam was to create a more rigid texture. Four coats later, I took air dry clay and began covering the bottom and top of the egg that did not have any scales. I used a lot of water to make it easier to play with the clay and then grabbed a small sheet of aluminum foil and began texturing the air dry clay. In addition, I added clay onto some of the scales to create EVEN MORE texture! 

A few hours later, I went to check up on the air dry clay and was upset to find that it was cracking. I live in Arizona where it is EXTREMELY dry; as a result, my clay dried too quickly and was crumbling. After talking with my Theatre Props Professor, I added painters caulk to the cracks to fill them in and bond the materials together. I used my finger and dabbed on the caulk to mirror the texture that was created with the aluminum foil. 

Once everything was dried, ​I spray painted my eggs to hide the colorful EVA craft foam and make the scales more rigid. I began to paint the eggs a base coat of white, green, and red. Next, I took a paint brush and stippled over the eggs with another color to create dimension. The red egg was stipped with black, the white egg was stippled with a cream color and feathered with a light brown, and the green egg was stippled with a Wicked green and feathered with a more yellow-tinted green. 

Lastly, I dusted all three eggs with a metallic coat of spray paint. Each egg got its own color of dusting that complimented the color scheme! 

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