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Gel Frame Lamp

Taking my knowledge of wood, metal, and plastic, I combined all three materials into a lamp. This lamp contains a unique track system that allows gel frames to slide in and out of the lamp in order to change colors!

First, I took measurements of a gel frame. I proceeded to measure the perimeter of my plastic walls and took into account the plastic tabs I wanted to implement as a track system. I cut my four big pieces on the table saw and my small tabs on the bandsaw. Each piece was acryllic welded and the plastic was set aside.


Next, I took a piece of scrap wood and placed it through the planar multiple times in order to get a flat piece of wood. I went to the belt sander and sanded both sides of the wood. Adjusting the height of the table saw blade, I took multiple passes on the four edges of the wood until it fit comfortably on top of the plastic as a lid cover.  

Measuring the perimeter of my plastic box with the tabs indicating the edge, I acquired the size of the metal square for the base of the lamp and base that the plastic walls would sit on top. Taking 1" square tubed metal, I cut 45 degree angles for a clean finish for my two squares. In one of the pieces I drilled a hole using the drill press in order to feed my lamp wire through the final product. Next, I cut my four longer pieces. I tack welded my squares and long pieces together. Once everything was in place I completely welded the inner connection points. Lastly, I cut and welded a piece in the middle of one square and welded a bolt to the center. This was necessary for my lamp unit to have a hold. 

With my completed metal base, I took epoxy and connected the plastic square on to the top of the metal frame. Lastly, I wired my lamp, fed the lamp wire through the small hole in the metal frame. Taking epoxy, I connected a bolt to the bottom of the base of the light bulb holder in order for it so screw into the bolt. 

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