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   Taking 6" x 6" metal plates, I drilled 1" holes using a drill press. Taking magnets, I pieced the plates together and tack welded the outside. Once every piece was tacked together, I welded the edges of each dice side.

   The main take away from this project was practicing my welding technique. There were times when the welding gun was sputtering copper wire at me. I discovered that my gun speed was too fast or the oxygen tank was not properly turned on. My time spent on this project allowed me to become better equipped at setting up a welding machine.  

Tape Dispenser

   Taking two rectangles of metal plates, I cut the sides of the tape dispenser using a metal grinder. The metal rods in the middle were drill pressed and tapped. Taking bolts and nuts, I connected the two sides with each metal rod in the middle. Lastly, I welded a piece of a bandsaw blade onto the edge of the tape dispenser. 

   The main take away from this project was practicing taping techniques. I learned the importance of patience and slowly taping because I accidentally broke the end of the tap into a square rod. 

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