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The Beginnings of my Thesis

I am starting the journey of my thesis and I wanted to blog about the process.

On August 22nd I officially enrolled in my Honors Thesis course! I am very excited to start my third year of college researching the lack of diversity within the design and technical field of theatre. Certain parts of our industry remain whitewashed and I would like to increase the gender and color diversity. Through my research, I plan to create a mentorship program for middle schools and high schools. Often, theatre is connected to the topic of “acting” and I want students to know that there are more opportunities to participate in the art form as a designer or technician. This program will allow students to engage in topics of theatrical design and technical work with professionals/undergraduate students in the field, as well as provide access to viewing theatre. I am very excited to see where this journey takes me in my next year at Arizona State University.


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