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Selfie Props & Frames

"The materials built by Neaco Fox helped immediately build an atmosphere of Wonder, play, and magic for the guests at both the Desert Botanical Garden and OdySea Aquarium. Some younger guests asked if they could walk through the magical tunnel, which absolutely made my day. The design, construction, imagination, and usability of all of the props absolutely enhanced my ability as an artist to connect with my guests and satisfy the needs of my clients." - Brian Foley


I collaborated with Alexa Marron and Rachel Bath on a commissioned piece where we designed, drafted, and constructed selfie props and picture frames for an art installation at the Desert Botanical Gardens. 


I created two 2D selfie prop eye-frames and two picture frames in AutoCAD, programed them in VCarve and cut them on the CNC router, sanded everything, and painted the pieces with Wildfire UV paint. On the 2D selfie props, I painted dowels with the UV paint and attached them with wood glue. The circle frame I designed was decorated with colorful circles that were attached with wood glue and the circle created dynamic layers to the picture frame. In addition, I decorated unique, fun wearable glasses using pipe cleaners. 

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